The Ultimate Veganuary Toolkit: 5 Tips To Get Started

The Ultimate Veganuary Toolkit: 5 Tips To Get Started

Cover photo credit: Brooke Lark


Beyond the gaggles of “New Year, New Me!” that ring through the January air lies an increasingly popular campaign-turned-tradition encouraging people to explore new tastes and food habits. Enter Veganuary – a charity dedicated to inspiring meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike to take on 31 days free of animal products.


Whether it is dabbling in veganism for the month, trying to get more fruit and veg in, or just finding your new favourite veg, everyone can do with a little more green in their lives. So whatever you decide to do this January, we are on hand to help you explore plant-based food, with exclusive content including articles, recipes, and more. Here are our top 5 tips to help you get started this Veganuary.


The pantry is your new best friend

1. Stock up on staples

Chances are your pantry is already full of vegan items – beans, lentils, rice, dry pasta, cereal, peanut butter… These will become the cornerstones of your vegan diet – but don’t forget the fruit and veg! Once you start seeing how many options vegans have, you’ll uncover a world of possibility within your diet (and end up definitely hitting your 5-a-day, without even trying).

Top Tip: Quinoa is a great rice substitute high in protein – coming in at 8g protein per cup. Plus, it is a complete protein, meaning it contains all 9 amino acids our body needs.



Substitute ice cream for silky smoothies made with frozen bananas

2. It’s all about substitution

We understand how to the untrained eye, veganism might seem very restrictive. But instead of focusing on the foods you ‘can’t eat’, focus instead on how you can substitute or replicate your favourite items with something animal-free.

Top Tip: Freeze a few bananas and then blend them with peanut butter, berries, or a few squares of dark chocolate for an indulgent vegan ice cream!



Tempeh tacos. Photo credits: The Live-In Kitchen

3. International cuisines are your friend

Experimenting with international cuisines is a great way to keep things interesting. Japanese-style food, curries, or Mexican dishes are particularly easy to make vegan-friendly. For example, veganise your ramen by swapping your egg noodles for rice noodles, ditch the boiled egg, and replace the meat with tofu. Coconut veg curry is always a winner, and if you look closely, almost everything in a burrito is vegan – just ditch the sour cream and cheese and get beans instead of meat.

Top Tip: Don’t be afraid to get creative, or to go heavy on the aromatics – they always work wonders.



Courgetti with minted avocado pesto by Deliciously Ella

4. Bust out your blender and spiralizer

New year, new textures! Add a little something to your dishes by spiralizing your veg instead of just chopping it (works best with bigger, firmer veg like carrots or butternut squash). Blending also comes in handy beyond just smoothies. Get creative with soups, dips, sauces, and more – the possibilities are endless

Top Tip: Blend roasted onion + butternut squash with fresh ginger, chili, and garlic and  and for a delicious wintry soup.




Eating is always more fun with friends!

5. Buddy up

Things are always easier with a buddy! You’ll be able to hold each other accountable, exchange tips and tricks, and ultimately come away with a shared experience that will bring you together. Better yet, why not try out some recipes together and see what you think? We’ll be sharing exclusive Veganuary content all through the month (including top vegan recipes from some our best vendors) – you can get them by signing up here.


Remember, there is no one way to eat vegan, so keep an open mind, do what feels best for you, and maybe you’ll even rediscover your love for veg this January!

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