Vegan Comfort Food in London

Vegan Comfort Food in London

Vegan Comfort Food in London


Veganuary appears to be the hot topic on Instagram this month! It’s all over social media, and even the supermarket giants like Sainsbury’s are getting in on the action. We’ve been interested to learn that a lot of our customers are taking this on collectively within their offices, and as a result we’ve seen a significant rise in the number of vegan meals ordered. While some people are choosing to take on the challenge to lose weight post-Christmas, it seems a growing number of people are simply interested in finding out what veganism means and, perhaps more crucially, what it tastes like!


Vegan comfort food (source: thevegansara on Instagram)


At Feedr, we’re here to help show people that vegan food can be as varied and interesting as anything else – it definitely does not have to mean a plate of lentils and vegetables (although this can make some surprisingly tasty vegan comfort food when made correctly!)

What is Veganism?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or without and internet connection – they’re basically the same thing), chances are you’ll have heard of veganism. Just so we are on the same page, let’s cover our bases and explain what it means to be vegan.


When you see this cute piglet, bacon sure seems harder to swallow


Veganism is a lifestyle decision to cease any use of and reliance on animal products, or products that benefit from the exploitation of animals in any way. This means no clothes made from animals (bye-bye leather, wool, and silk), no cosmetic products tested on animals or involving animal parts, and no food or drink that contains any animal products (meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey, and even some beers and wines). Those who only subscribe to the dietary component of veganism, and continue to utilise products reliant on or derivative of animals, such as leather shoes and non-cruelty-free makeup, are better referred to as following a plant-based, rather than vegan diet.


What’s the idea behind Veganuary?


The recently emerging movement ‘Veganuary’ challenges society to adopt a plant-based diet for the month of January, and explore the multitude of flavours and textures plants can offer.


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There are several reasons people could be enticed by Veganuary. There is a mounting body of evidence suggesting a vegan diet, if done correctly, can lead to a multitude of health benefits. credits a vegan diet with lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Long-term vegans and even those who have tried vegan diets temporarily have consistently reported feeling more energised, less tired, and revitalised. However, health is only one of several reasons people decide to attempt Veganuary. Some adopt the lifestyle to protest the unsustainable intensive livestock production systems that have become so prevalent in the last 50 years, to the detriment of our environment and global food security. Others still take on the challenge from a moralistic perspective, to prevent animal suffering.


Intensive livestock production systems contribute negatively to the environment in a multitude of ways


Whether or not veganism is the most sustainable and beneficial diet to adopt to ensure global food security going forward is still a matter of contention. What is certain however, is that we could benefit quite substantially from reducing our meat consumption rather drastically. According to the UN FAO, agricultural livestock production accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than aggregate global transportation, and is one of the leading causes of deforestation. Moreover, meat consumption has been linked to several non-communicable lifestyle diseases such as coronary heart disease, and even type II diabetes.


Morrissey, Jared Leto, and Miley Cyrus are avid supporters of the plant-based diet


jared-leto-vegan  miley-cyrus-vegan





The Best Vegan Comfort Food in London

If you have toyed with the idea of trying a vegan diet, now’s the time to dive in! We have lots of vendors serving up vegan comfort food for you to try this month. Get a taste of the best places to keep you inspired through Veganuary.



Mildred’s is a vegetarian- and vegan-friendly restaurant with several locations around the city. They currently offer a Green Detox Booster Veganuary package for £10/head, which includes:

  • Green Juice made from kale, cucumber, apple, and lemon
  • Small Soul Bowl comprised of two superfood salads
  • Fuzzy green ball, made with figs, almonds, pistachios, coconut, spirulina, agave syrup


Veganuary Green Detox Booster by Mildred’s


Hummus Bros

Hummus Bros have put together a high-protein, high-fiber Veganuary salad box for £5.50, containing quinoa, crispy lettuce, tomato, coriander, salsa, guacamole, and of course, their speciality, hummus! With the option to add 3 crispy, warm falafels, the box is not only vegan, but also gluten-free, and packed with healthy fats and slow-release carbs.


Hummus Bros’ Veganuary salad box



Other vegan-friendly vendors

For more mouth-watering vegan food, check out 90 Degree Melt and Deliciously Ella. While they aren’t fully vegan vendors, they do have a good selection for those taking on the Veganuary challenge, like Ella’s roasted Jerusalem artichoke, hazelnut, and kale salad, and a selection of vegan chili, corn dogs, and cauliflower buffalo wings from 90 degree melt, to name a few options.



90 Degree Melt assortment (above) & Deliciously Ella’s roasted artichoke and kale salad


Vegan Recipes

We are also sharing vegan recipes from our vendors on our blog for you to try at home. Why not try your hand at Spicebox’s sweetcorn and coconut soup, or Mildred’s puy lentil and roasted vegetable dish?

So there you have it! Whether you like to eat out or cook at home, are going vegan for the month, for life, for your health, or for the planet, we’ve got you covered with the best vegan comfort food London has to offer.


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