Vendor Spotlight: Healthy food to go with Eat Activ

Say hello to Eat Activ, a new concept in tasty and active-health fast food in London. They believe that fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, and healthy food doesn’t have to be uninspiring. Their delicious, nutritious, and instant meals are an easy way to eat well and are made for busy people on the go.

All of Eat Activ’s food is made-to-order, with seasonal activated, fermented ingredients, and superfoods that nourish you from the inside out. Each recipe seamlessly blends active ingredients into every meal for restaurant-quality food. We recently chatted with Eat Activ’s founder, Naji Alayass, about the food and the inspiration behind the business.

Q: What’s the inspiration behind your business?

A: Two years before the creation of Eat Activ I came to the realisation of the importance of having a healthy gut. 

From energy production to hormone balance, skin health to mental health, and even toxin and waste elimination, your gut microbiota is one of the most important organs in the human body.

Therefore, Eat Activ was created with a single mission: Giving Londoners a healthy, affordable and on-the-go meal option which focuses on building and maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. By carefully using fermented foods, and bioactive components we are increasing the prebiotic and probiotic levels in the gut.

Q: Where are you from and how has that shaped the business?

A: I have a Mediterranean background which has helped shape the rich and balanced cuisine at Eat Activ.

Q: How would you describe your food in 5 words?

A: Gut-loving healthy activated superfood

Q: What’s your favourite meal on your menu?

A: I love every meal we cook. I could never get bored of its taste, and even after having a box every day for lunch, I still find each meal as delicious as the first day I tried it. 

However, I love salmon, so I believe there’s nothing quite as delicious as our BBQ Korean Salmon. It’s served with kimchi, soba activ salad, daikon, sprouts and edamame beans. This dish is filled with probiotics from the kimchi and edamame beans, helping your body restore its immune system, promote weight loss and even slow down your ageing process. Additionally, edamame beans gives the salad that extra prebiotic kick which fuels the probiotics and regulates the well-functioning of the gut. The refreshing ginger lime dressing together with a kick of chilli will give you the boost of energy you’re looking for! Trust me it works! 

Q: What item on your menu do you think represents your brand best?

I can’t pinpoint an item that best describes Eat Activ. Our entire menu is based on the most accurate ingredient combination and preparation to create nutrient-rich food that your body will be able to absorb. As a result, all meals are perfectly balanced. 

However, if I had to choose, I would say our Aubergine & Sweet Potato Salad represents our brand to perfection! It shows how we choose the freshest ingredients to create a festival of flavour. Additionally, it shows our passion for mixing fresh and cooked items to play around with textures and colours. The activated pistachio dukkah is incredibly tasty. If you concentrate, you will taste the toasted nuts, sesame seeds, coriander, and cumin which have been mixed together with some fresh pomegranate and garden greens to leave you feeling extremely satisfied. 

Eat Activ’s ethos is all about small changes to the food’s enzymes to achieve exponential health results! You won’t notice it after the first bite, but feel the increase in energy once you finish one of our meals. 

Q: What’s the most underrated item on your menu?

A: At Eat Activ, we always focus on what consumers want, constantly revisiting our menus to fit their needs. Therefore, our underrated items typically become our best sellers. However, given our Shoots & Leaves salad is the most popular item on our menu, we find most consumers are unaware of the infinite health benefits it has! 

Shoots & Leaves ticks all of the boxes. It’s low in carbs and filled with good fats obtained from the perfectly ripened avocado. The mixed sprouted beans enhance the salad’s amino acid profile by increasing its protein concentration and improving the quality and availability of vitamins and minerals. Lastly, the fermented preserved lemon and turmeric dressing is just what you need for a healthy gut. All in all, the Shoots & Leaves salad is the perfect option when all you need is a delicious, fresh-tasting salad, filled with so much nutrition and flavour! If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to order it today and feel the power of the Shoots & Leaves kicking in.

Q: What’s your favourite part of working in this industry?

A: Creativity!

Q: What should we order from you when we want to celebrate?

A: I’m not fond of people’s old view of linking celebratory moments with fried, unhealthy, ultra-processed, and damaging foods. Eating these foods automatically lowers your mood, making you feel your worst; clouding your thoughts, and putting you down. 

Therefore, I like to celebrate with Eat Activ. Eating good and balanced meals makes you feel your happiest self, making you empowered and alert. I enjoy celebrating with healthy food choices because aligning your outer self with your inner self gives you the most happiness! Eating healthy will make the ‘outer’ who everyone sees more cheerful, as our base and inner self will also feel victorious and clean. So, keeping your outer and inner self aligned is essential for true happiness and well-being. 

Therefore when I am celebrating as I love feeling awake, happy, bubbly and feeling my best I choose Eat Activ! 

When I feel a sugar craving kicking in, my secret weapon is our Lemongrass Chia Pudding, which is delicious and incredibly nutritious. Our chia pudding uses natural sugars and a lengthy soaking process to give you the omega-3 and amino acids your body needs.

Q: What is your top tip for eating better?

A: Balanced meals containing activated superfoods.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to share that highlights what makes your business stand out?

A: Good service without jeopardising the quality of our meals 

Q: What part of your business are you most passionate about and why?

A: We are investigating what ingredients and nutrients go well together. Not only focusing on which are the best tasting meals but also on the excellent food combinations to increase nutrient absorption as well as ingredient activation to absorb further the amount of goodness our meals give to consumers. We always stick to our ethos, eat better to feel your best; therefore, our primary goal is to provide consumers with nutritious, gut-friendly, balanced meals.

Q: What’s the ingredient you always find yourself reaching for when you’re cooking at home?

A: Apple cider vinegar with mother bacteria.

Q: What are you up to when you’re not in the kitchen?

A: Keeping up with customer reviews and menu development 

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If you’re looking for a healthy and exciting lunch choice, you’ll love Eat Activ. Check out all the great options on the menu for your next office meal!