Vendor Spotlight: International Women’s Day!

Vendor Spotlight: International Women’s Day!

In celebration of  International Women’s Day on March 8th, we’re focusing our spotlight onto some of the brilliant female-owned vendors on Feedr and the outstanding women who brought them to life! 

Laura Mimoun, founder of Kaleido Rolls

Kaleido Rolls specialises in providing colourful and healthy salads in an innovative and delicious way. Laura quit her corporate job and launched Kaleido Rolls in 2017 after a spark of inspiration from a £30 John Lewis voucher she and her husband used to buy rice paper sheets, prawns, coriander, and Vietnamese noodles. She realised how exciting it would be to create an interactive salad roll with rice paper, and thus began the making of magic!

Laura took the name ‘Kaleido’ from the kaleidoscope – referring to how salads can be playful, beautiful, and ever-changing . No one wants to eat the same salad every day, so Kaleido Rolls comes up with different salad mixtures to keep things interesting. 

Three kaleido rolls from our vendor Kaleido Rolls
Kaleido Rolls from Kaleido

Our favorite: Sweet Potato and Tahini Kaleido!

Check out Kaleido Rolls’ diverse menu here.

Adria Wu, founder of Maple and Co.

Adria Wu is both chef and founder of Maple and Co., a delicious eatery that provides indulgent, simply tasty meals. Adria Wu travelled the world and studied at Le Cordon Bleu in order to bring a variety of flavours to her menu at Maple and Co. She focuses on using natural ingredients and aims to spread joy through her food. Adria centers her business on eating well and nutritiously – Eat Happy!

Maple and Co. was named TimeOut’s Best Healthy Restaurant in 2015 and continues to provide flavourful food and wonderful service. Take a look at what makes Maple and Co. vibrant, joyful, and delicious by seeing their menu here.

An array of dishes from our Feedr vendor Maple & Co.
A Maple & Co. Spread

Our favorite: Halloumi Shakshuka Rice Bowl

Patou Cox, founder of Nusa Kitchen

Patou wanted to bring a piece of her home country, Singapore, to London – so she did. In 2004 she founded Nusa and brought the delights of Singaporean cuisine to our taste buds. She brought her childhood dream of owning a soup shop to life. Nusa Kitchen provides a shifting seasonal menu of soups that are the perfect soul food.

Patou and her son, Mark, have expanded Nusa to six restaurants, three of which launched only last year. Nusa Kitchen is growing along with lovers of authentic East Asian cuisine thanks to Patou. If you want to treat yourself to a comforting soup or learn more about Patou’s menu, click here.   

A red Nusa Kitchen mug filled with noodles.

Our favorite: Szechuan Chicken Noodles

Lisa Burgess, founder of Love Candy Floss

Love Candy Floss is a catering company that offers one-of-a-kind pop-ups for special events, serving up fresh food for everyone to enjoy on the spot. Single mum Lisa founded Love Candy Floss in 2005, bringing whimsy and fun to events using mouth-watering foods. Her pop-ups serve up both savory and sweet treats in all sorts of exciting vessels – carts, tricycles, popcorn machines, vans, and even ice sculptures!

Love Candy Floss’s Aperol Tricycle

Lisa strives to provide both entertainment and scrumptious foods to her guests through her creative and lively pop-ups. All the food provided at a Love Candy Floss event is hot and fresh, catered to the needs of the client and their event. To learn more about how you can get a specialty themed Love Candy Floss pop-up, check out their offerings here!

Our favorite: their Baked Churros Tricycle popup! 

To Sum Up

This is just a few of the very many outstanding women whom Feedr is proud to have on our vendor team. Stay tuned for the next blog leading up to International Women’s Day! Speak to a member of our team here to see how your office can get catered by these vendors!

In the meantime, if you’re looking for daily meals from these vendors or looking for other options, check our full suite of delivery options below!