Vendor Spotlight: Meet Bravissimi

Vendor Spotlight: Meet Bravissimi

This week we are delighted to put the spotlight on Bravissimi, a Manchester-based Italian restaurant that prides itself on offering food that’s fresh, fast and delicious. Located just a stone’s throw away from Manchester’s bustling Piccadilly station, the busy team at Bravissimi serve a simple menu that’s big on quality and authenticity.

We sat down with the multi-talented owner and director Andrea Suzzi, who was delighted to shed some light on the inspiration behind his restaurant and why it’s so special.

Meet Bravissimi

Q: What’s the inspiration behind your business?

A: I wanted to create an affordable, authentic Italian experience. An experience which grants quality and taste to our customers, delivering fresh and fast. Our menu offers a selection of delicious traditional recipes using classic Italian ingredients, which can also be customised to suit individual tastes.

Andrea Suzzi, the owner of Bravissimi

Q: Where are you from and how has that shaped your business?

A: I’m from Bologna, which is in the Emilia Romagna region of Northern Italy. We have a strong culinary history and many of the dishes featured on my menu reflect the recipes of this area. We use lots of ingredients from there as well. It’s no secret that the Mediterranean diet is very well balanced and is one of the healthiest in the world!

Q: How important is sustainability in your general practices? e.g ingredient sourcing, plant-based meals, etc.

A: Sustainability is very important to us. We pride ourselves on having almost zero waste and our packaging is biodegradable. We also source our fresh produce locally wherever possible.

Q: How would you describe your food in five words?

A: Italian, authentic, high-quality, handmade and customisable.

Q: What’s your favourite meal on your menu?

A: Our Penne Ragu Bolognese! It typifies my region and reminds me of home.

Q: What should we order from you when we…

…. feel Indulgent? 

A: If you’re feeling indulgent, look no further than our Pizza Vulcano.

… crave something healthy? 

A: In terms of healthy options, our Fusilli Pesto Genovese is perfect.

… want to celebrate?

A: Finally, for a celebration you simply can’t beat our Lasagna.

Bravissimi's Lasagna

Q: What’s your top tip for eating better at work?

A: For me, it’s really important to choose freshly prepared food that’s handmade. Food that’s made with high quality ingredients and that doesn’t contain preservatives. This idea is also what I base my restaurant concept around.

Q: What’s the ingredient you always find yourself reaching for when you’re cooking at home?

A: It has to be extra virgin olive oil!

Q: Do you have any stories to share about helping the local community during the pandemic?

A: We were delighted to be able to supply our local NHS hospital with free pizzas during lockdown. It was great to see such a good sense of community during what was a difficult time for everyone.

Bravissimi's fresh pizza dough

Q: What are your post Covid-19 resolutions?

A: We’ve always wanted to please our customers, so we’ll definitely continue to look for ways to do that, as well as reaching a wider customer base. It’s important to want to grow as a restaurant, and keeping customers happy is a great way to do that.

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