Vendor Spotlight: Meet Chimac

Vendor Spotlight: Meet Chimac

Offices in Dublin, meet Chimac, a brand new vendor on the Feedr marketplace.

Fried chicken and beer, a match made in heaven. Loved so much in Korea they dedicated a whole word to it. A national pastime, Chimac comes from “chi”, short for “chikin” plus “mac” from “maekju”, Korean for beer.

Inspired by this fried chicken obsession, founder Garret and Sofie bring a taste of Seoul to the heart of Dublin.

Meet Chimac

Chimac burger

Q: What’s the inspiration behind your business?

My partner Sofie and I took a trip to Korean 6 years ago and fell head over heels with “chimaek” or 치맥, the national pastime which is fried chicken and beer. Having been lucky enough to stuff our stomachs with more than 50 different interpretations of Korean Fried Chicken we returned to Ireland and began working on our very own recipes. A year and a half later Chimac was born on Aungier Street. We take inspiration from Korean, the US and the traditional Irish ingredients we grew up eating.

Q: Where are you from and how has that shaped your business?

Myself and Sofie are both from Dublin. We believe being Irish offers a unique opportunity – until relatively recently Ireland was a very poor country, without a rich food culture of its own. Because we loved food it meant we travelled outside of Ireland in the US, Asia and Europe, and always looked further afield to explore international cooking techniques, recipes and ingredients.

We do also integrate Irish recipes and ingredients where we can. For example our Kimcheese Burger takes inspiration from both Korea and Ireland. The spring onion kimchi is based off a traditional Korean recipe for pa-kimchi (파김치) but we accompany it with a cheddar cheese sauce – a combination reminiscent of the cheese and onion crips we grew up stuffing into soft white sliced pan for the ultimate crisp sandwich.

Q: How would you describe your food in 5 words?

bold, tasty, addictive, crunchy & jam packed with flavour.

Q: What’s your favourite meal on your menu?

Good Good Burger with a side of nugs with sriracha caramel.

Chimac office food delivery

Q: What should we order from you when we feel Indulgent?


Q: What should we order from you when we crave something healthy?

Cucumber salad.

Q: What should we order from you when we want to celebrate?

Pretzel ice-cream sandwich.

Q: What is your top tip for eating better when at work?

Always eat breakfast otherwise you might find yourself eating nugs at 10am…

Q: What’s the ingredient you always find yourself reaching for when you’re cooking at home?


Q: What’s your favourite thing to do in your area?

Grabbing a early morning focaccia and coffee from Meet Me In The Morning.

Q: When you’re not in the kitchen…

You’ll find me dining out with friends, running with my dog Bobbi and late night binging on YouTube cooking videos.

Chimac burger available on Feedr

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