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Urban Greens Vendor Profile

This week we’re putting our vendor spotlight on Urban Greens and Co-Founders Houman Ashrafzadeh & Rushil Ramjee. Urban Greens was founded under the belief that tasty and nutritious meals shouldn’t be hard to come by in London. With a range of different salads on their menu, Urban Greens is able to provide healthy delicious meals made from organic and fresh ingredients just as fast as any other fast food restaurant.

Please read our short Q&A with Houman and Rushil to learn more about one of our most popular vendors.

Meet Urban Greens

Q: What’s the inspiration behind your business?

A: The inspiration behind our business is healthy quick service restaurants in Scandinavia as well as the East & West coast of the US. We always felt that London was far behind these places when it came to healthy fast-food restaurants, and we wanted to change the game. We wanted the food to be healthy, but equally delicious and we wanted to change people’s perception of what a salad can be!

Urban Greens salad bowls with fresh nutritious ingredients
A selection of meals from Urban Greens

Q: Where are you from and how has that shaped your business?

A: We are three good friends who all met at university in London. We took the corporate route into finance and consultancy before taking the leap of faith to leave our careers and open Urban Greens. We all grew up in different parts of the world, Greece, South Africa and Sweden and that has certainly been one of the shaping factors of Urban Greens.


Q: How would you describe your food in 5 words?

A: Flavoursome, bold, delicious, satisfactory & appetizing


Q: What’s your favourite meal on your menu?

Houman A: My favourite meal on our menu is the Beef Saigon, it’s sooo good!

Rushil A: They are all good.


Q: What should we order from you when…

…. we feel Indulgent? 

Houman A: Go for the shrimp habanero with added avocado!

Rushil A: Beef Saigon extra Beef!

…. we crave something healthy? 

Houman A: The Seoul Chicken!

Rushil A: Jakarta.

… we want to celebrate?

Houman A: Salmon Avocado.

Rushil A: Salmon Avocado.


Q: What is your top tip for eating better when at work?

Houman A: Take time to have your lunch, don’t rush it. Find healthy eating options near your office. Avoid processed/packaged foods. Be mindful of what you eat. 

Rushil A: Make it a priority.


Q: What’s the ingredient you always find yourself reaching for when you’re cooking at home?

Houman A: Fresh chillies!

Rushil A: Using something I have not used before.


Q: What’s your favourite thing to do in your area?

Houman A: I’m based in Maida Vale, my favourite thing to do in my area is probably going to the local tennis clubs.

Rushil A: Having a cold pint with my pals plotting the next move.


Q: When you’re not in the kitchen…

Houman A: I’m discovering cool restaurants in London, playing tennis, hanging out with friends & family.

Rushil A: Letting curiosity take over.


Q: What are your post Covid-19 resolutions?

Houman A: Don’t take anything for granted!

Rushil A: Be humble.


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