Ways to Attract and Recruit Top Talent

Ways to Attract and Recruit Top Talent

This week’s blog post comes courtesy of Feedr’s fantastic People and Talent Officer, Molly Rourke. Recruitment is a key part of her role, so we’ve asked her for advice on how to ensure that your company is as attractive as possible so you can recruit top tier talent – after all, recruitment is a two way street, and in a competitive market you have to consider all the benefits your role can offer. 

The job market nowadays is proving to be extremely competitive, with organisations competing directly against one another for top talent.

A poor recruitment strategy can cost an organisation the ideal candidate and lead to greater costs-per-hire and significant skill gaps in their team. Here are three approaches to attracting and recruiting the right talent that I have found to be the most effective

Optimise Job Adverts

They say it takes 7 seconds to make a first impression when you meet someone. For many candidates, the job posting is often the first experience they have with an organisation, particularly if the company is a start-up or smaller in size. Think of this posting as your 7 seconds with the candidate – how can you get their attention and make sure they have a positive understanding of the brand and position?

Make sure there aren’t any mistakes or typos, offer as much information as you can about the responsibilities of the role and try to let the tone of the company shine through.#

Employee Referral Schemes

Another great way to attract top talent is by setting up an employee referral program. Encouraging employees to source potential candidates from their own networks creates a culture of trust in your organisation that can’t be replicated through other channels. Employees 

want to make sure the roles are filled with people they can rely on and will often only recommend those they see as suited to the specific job.

More than this, hiring from referrals reduces the cost and time to hire, boosts the employer brand by turning employees into brand advocates and facilitates greater trust and engagement in the workforce

Make your office a great place to work

After a tumultuous few years of lockdown and working from home, the working world is finally returning to a place of normality. But this new normal brings with it a new hybrid working approach that had never previously been seen. Prospective candidates want to be reassured that their new role can be flexible, and that any office environment they work in will be just as good, or even better, than their established home set-up. 

One major benefit people experienced working from home, that can be easily replicated in a nurturing office environment, is the importance of food. Whether you are at home or at work, food is often at the heart of any culture and can act as a powerful tool for bringing people together. During lockdown many people embraced healthy eating and didn’t want a return to quick-fix lunches from the nearest Pret, nor did they miss the high cost of daily shop-bought meals. Repositioning healthy food as a tangible and deliberate workplace benefit can attract the highest performers to your organisation, boost the productivity and morale of your current workforce and put the wellbeing of your employees at the forefront of company culture.