What’s the culture like at Feedr?

What’s the culture like at Feedr?

“What’s the culture like at Feedr?” a question that often comes up during interviews.

“Culture” – a word of the moment and something people are looking for more and more when considering their next role. Gone are the days of 9am-5pm; you turn up, do your work and leave at the end of the day – rinse and repeat, 5 days a week. People want to truly feel part of the business, part of a team, and feel like they’re working together towards a common goal.

The last year and a half hasn’t been easy for anyone. We’ve been thrown into a remote working style, with very little in-person interaction so the emphasis on culture has become even greater. How do we maintain that important feeling of camaraderie when we spend all day talking into our laptop, without being surrounded by our team?

Feedr went through a period of rapid growth at the end of 2020, during a time when the country was about to be plunged into yet another lockdown. How did we ensure our new joiners quickly felt part of the team?

Culture at Feedr


Yes, life in a startup is busy! There’s always a lot to do but what’s also clear is that the team genuinely cares. Not only about the work they do, but about each other too. At Feedr we believe that food should make people happy and healthy but we want this for our team as well. There’s a real feeling of friendship, so if someone new joins the business, they never feel new for long. The summer party soon breaks down any barriers (the rounders bat makes its annual appearance) and our virtual quizzes during lockdown helped make anyone new feel immediately part of the Feedr family. There’s genuine excitement when someone new comes on board and there’s a collective feeling of enthusiasm about the role that person has come in to do. You’ll never be just a number at Feedr.


We take wellbeing seriously and truly believe that healthy food improves physical and mental health. We also want to promote physical and mental wellbeing in our team.

We recently signed up to Spill, giving everyone access to professional mental health support. It allows our team to have immediate access to free therapy sessions, tools, and exercises should they need it. Spill comes with some great features to promote company culture and we’ve recently started to use their ‘Wall of Praise’. Each week someone from the team is nominated in secret and on the chosen day of the week, the whole team will be prompted to leave them a message. The messages are then shared with the nominated person to add a bit of brightness to their day.

We also actively encourage people to have a clear end to their working day. Don’t be afraid to snooze your Slack notifications, we understand that our own time is precious and want to ensure everyone is able to make the most of it!


Feedr - team at work enjoying a healthy food perk

It’s true, we’re all foodies and food plays a big part in our office lives. Everyone in the team will get access to their own Cloud Canteen account to be able to order subsidised lunches when in the office. Not only does it mean that everyone gets to try the vendors on our platform but it provides a good reason to try and step away from the desk at lunchtime. Food samples are also a regular feature in the Feedr office, all healthy, of course….(although we have been known to be partial to a box of Crosstown doughnuts!).


Like the rest of the world, we can’t wait to get back together for some in-person fun but we’ve also managed to maintain our virtual social lives over the last year – from quizzes, to a virtual Christmas party, where everyone received delicious hamper treats. The annual summer party and strategy day will take place in July, and will be the first time we’ve all been back together as a full team and give us a chance to plan for our future. We couldn’t be more excited to get back together again!

To sum up life at Feedr in one sentence, it’s a fun environment, full of food fanatics who care about the work they do as much as they care about each other. If you think this sounds like the perfect environment for you, then keep an eye out on our careers page for all of our current vacancies.

Want to join Feedr?

To ‘meet’ the team and understand more about our company benefits, have a look at our team page, here.

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