Why You Should be Drinking More Water

Why You Should be Drinking More Water

We recently came across this article on Red Magazine listing 7 reasons to drink more water and found it so interesting. We are all about wellness and balance in both the workplace and every day life. Our vendors can provide water and other refreshments with any of your orders – just let us know and we’ll make sure it’s delivered with your food.

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Drinking water throughout the day can help keep you hydrated and balanced, but it isn’t always the easiest. Do you need some more inspiration to drink water throughout the day? Here are some of our favourite ways to jazz up water.

  • Add slices of fruit
    • Cucumber slices instantly make water taste better.
    • In the summer when strawberries are at their peak, adding a few slices will really transform your water and keep you going back for another glass.
    • The options are endless – use your imagination!
  • Add some sort of citrus
    • A squeeze of lemon or a spritz of fresh grapefruit juice can do wonders!
  • Add fresh herbs
    • Mint leaves are always a good option.
  • Try Sparking Water!
    • The bubbles and carbonation make it feel less “boring” than regular still water.

Here’s to hoping we all drink a little more water this summer, especially in the heat! When placing your next order, don’t forget to add water, your colleagues will thank you later.


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