Zedify: Office lunch delivered on time, on taste and with zero emissions

Feedr by EatFirst’s eco-friendly courier service, Zedify, is leading the way in transforming urban deliveries by promoting hyperlocal microhubs and zero-emission vehicles for deliveries across UK cities. Founded by Rob King and Sam Keam, Zedify was started to address the problems associated with traditional diesel van deliveries in congested areas (London, we’re looking at you). Zedify’s focus on environmental sustainability, employee well-being, and community partnership are some of the reasons we at Feedr partnered with them.

What does Zedify do?

Zedify is transforming urban deliveries by pioneering and normalising the use of hyperlocal microhubs and zero emission vehicles for deliveries in cities across the UK. Zedify is currently based in 10 locations – ranging from Edinburgh to Plymouth – working day in day out to support businesses of all kinds in their mission to become greener.

Why was Zedify started?

Zedify’s founders, Rob and Sam, recognized the harmful effects of traditional diesel van deliveries on the environment and city inhabitants. Diesel vans are slow in congested areas (not to mention their contribution to this congestion), noisy, smelly and release toxic gases and particulates. So they combined their passion for cycling and backgrounds in sustainable initiatives and set out to change things for the better.

What makes Zedify stand out from other couriers?

Zedify is very passionate about treating their rider couriers right. Every single rider is paid a Real Living Wage (no gig economy here) and has the appropriate employee benefits and protections that all couriers should have. Zedify is very much a ‘people first’ courier. 

Aside from this – 95%+ of all deliveries are completed using cargo bikes. Zedify’s competitors use a mix of electric cars and vans to deliver their parcels, which have an even higher embedded carbon than diesel vans, and are not as efficient at getting around congested cities. 

Zedify’s approach also takes the entire city into account, and this can be seen through the kinds of work that is carried out by the company. Through partnering with micro-mobility companies like Voi, Beryl and TIER, Zedify is able to support a greener city for the individual as well as for direct clients.

What are Zedify’s 2023 goals?

Zedify’s recent investment has allowed for significant growth acceleration, and the company plans to expand into more cities in the near future, with Manchester and Birmingham highest on the list and nearly ready to open. This will create over 140 employment opportunities in these cities. Zedify will also continue to support a range of services, from retail to those outside of it, to support the creation of a green city at all levels.

Zedify’s eco-friendly courier service is transforming urban deliveries by promoting environmental sustainability, employee well-being, and community partnership. Its use of cargo bikes, hyperlocal microhubs, and zero-emission vehicles provide a greener and more efficient alternative to traditional diesel van deliveries. As Zedify expands into more cities and continues to support businesses and communities, it will play a critical role in creating a more sustainable and equitable future.

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