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Feedr is an online platform connecting London’s best artisan vendors with the city’s hungry workforce. Order for a group, or set your team up with rotating daily menus. Office food for the modern workplace.

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Expert Tips: How To Improve Employee Wellness at Work

In recent years, the conversation around wellbeing at work has increasingly come centrestage. And with good reason. 60% of the UK workforce is currently not engaged or not happy in what they’re doing. Additionally, the growing millennial workforce is seeking and expecting to find meaning and happiness in their work. And with millennials set to […]

Food Around The World From A London Office

A time-poor workforce, plus the added pressure and competition that comes with working in a major capital like London, means going on a culinary adventure at lunch is not a high priority for most. Sure, you’ll go for an exceptional Mediterranean grill on the weekend, or get a quality Indian meal delivered as you unwind […]

How To Make Your Office More Sustainable

Mayor Sadiq Khan has pledged to make London the world’s greenest city by 2050. Historically, the bulk of the discussion around environmental sustainability has been centered around environmental policies and household level activities. However, in recent years, there has been an increasing awareness and adoption of the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR), with companies […]

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