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Feedr is an online platform connecting over 80 of London's best eateries with offices across the city. We are building the employee food program of the future. Say hello to Cloud Canteen.

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I the Stylist Reviews Feedr

I the Stylist Reviews Feedr   Fashion, Music, and Lifestyle online magazine I the Stylist recently reviewed Feedr’s service as part of their We Try You Buy (WTYB) section. The magazine tried and reviewed our exciting new Cloud Canteen service as part of our launch! After introducing Feedr and its co-founders, I the Stylist goes […]

Sugar, Politics, and Obesity

Sugar, Politics, and Obesity   As Feedr‘s refined sugar-free month comes to a close, we have been reflecting on the prevalence of sugar in our society. Economies of scale, international trade agreements, and modern technology have turned this previously luxury good into a seemingly ubiquitous, and very cheap household staple. But considering we know how […]

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